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Kickstarting a 13 Yr. Dream in 9 Months

I’ve Got Some Nerve!-ous Tension

Greetings Everyone!

Thanks for coming to my blog. Here is where I’ll be sharing and documenting my dream of Kickstarting a 13 Year Dream in 9 Months….

Oh, Oh! Hold on a minute. Here comes that voice in my person’s head again that keeps saying:

Girl, you’ve got some nerve thinking you can write a book!  And you said it’s about what? White supremacy, race and gender relations, new age, occult concepts about religion and G.O.D? Girl, you must be craaaazy if you think this is gonna fly! Barking up this tree, you ain’t gonna live to see it get printed.

Okay, okay, thanks for sharing your opinion, but I’ve got a job to do, so if you’d just kindly step to the side and let me handle my business.

As you can see, “my person” (the aspect of Essence Self identified with form & fear) has a lot of nervous tension around writing this book. Yet, after listening to Lisa Nichols on Christine Kloser’s Transformational Author Teleseminar, I was inspired. She made me think and feel how much the nervousness was there, but she also helped to reassure me that it’s totally fine. It’s okay and it’s human for “our persons” to be nervous, a bit frightened about all sorts of imaginary and some real things that we create for ourselves. None of this is a reason not to go ahead and just do it though. As a matter of fact, it’s a reason (or an avenue rather) for me to shed the “she-go” of all the personal concerns around how others will take what I am saying, as well as the need for approval and the need to impress that goes along with it. On the menu pages, you’ll learn all about me (the dreamer), the history of this 13 year dream and the 9 month countdown schedule to make it happen. Again, thanks for joining me on this juicy journey of self discovery. Peace.

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Finally Finished!

This post is to let my Earth family know that I finally finished my e-book: Afraid of Our Own Shadow: A Manifesto and Guide for Conscious Co-Creation. You can download it on any reading device at Smashwords here:

Much Love to You All

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The 9 Month Countdown Correction

For those who have been following me, I had planned to complete my first e-book as part of my  9 Month Countdown  in February. My goal was to complete it by “the other” 2012, that being the 20th day of the 12th month, which is also the Earthday of my best friend Sharonda. Now that I know that won’t be possible, at first my person was feeling a little disappointed, until an interesting thing happened. On Jan. 2nd 2013, the 13 year anniversary of my book conception, MC Umoja, a friend and fellow healer who had made his transition on Christmas evening, had his going home ceremony on this same day!

Being in Mexico, I wasn’t able to attend; however, to me, it served as a message. You see MC Umoja (peace be upon him) was the person who first introduced me to the Destiny Card system and a lot of other things that has helped me grow. I suddenly realized that the most important part of my mission that can assist people now has already been completed in the “7 Steps to Become a Conscious Co-Creator” audio series! I now see how by Feb. 20th, I can celebrate Sharonda’s birthday by repurposing the audio series to complete a free e-book, that will serve as my manifesto on the victim and shadow mentality, as well as a guide to conscious co-creation. This will bring this aspect of a 13 year dream to a close.

The complete book It’s All G.O.D: A Conscious Creator’s Guide to Healing the Effects of White Supremacy is a work in progress where I will be sharing more of my personal story and theory. This process has already begun via my private “Blook”. By making a minimum $5.oo donation on my Contribute to Campaign page, you can help support my effort AND have the opportunity to read chapter by chapter as the pages are coming “fresh off the press.”

Afraid of Our Own Shadow: A Manifesto and Guide for Conscious Co-Creation

My newly launched website, Who I Am Enterprises, will have a link where you can download the free e-book Afraid of Our Own Shadow: A Manifesto and Guide for Conscious Co-Creation on Smashwords once it becomes available on Feb. 20th.

A Call to Action

Here is my request. Please save the date Feb. 20th of the e-book launch and make sure to like it or write a review if you feel moved to do so (any only if you feel moved to do so).

I will be giving away a free 60 minute personal Destiny Card Coaching Session to anyone who writes a review in the first 48 hours of its publishing. This is the most crucial time to get likes and reviews on Amazon and other platforms. For those who write a review afterwards, you can still get a free Destiny Card Report of your choice.


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Daisy and DeBorah on Durga Puja

  “The purpose of all challenges and obstacles are to reveal the hidden miraculous powers of the soul” – Shifra quoting Authentic Kabbalah

On Oct. 24th, the last day of Durga Puja (symbolizing victory over evil), my mother was emitted into the hospital with a life threatening situation. After several diagnoses, they found a large blood clot in her lungs that almost took her life.  Also, on the same day, I found out that I had an emergency situation with two of my teeth and was able to get immediate treatment; however, there is still $4,000 more work to be done for a root canal and crown. Now some of you might say there is nothing “victorious” about these series of events.

Why does G.O.D test those that It loves? And what is the definition of a test? Could it be a trail leading to triumph so that the turmoil of the faithful can be transformed into triumphant testimony gained from direct experience?

“The rose has but a summer reign, The daisy never dies” – James Montgomery, The Daisy

Daisy and DeBorah

In truth, I am just so happy and thankful that I was there  by my mother’s side when all of this happened and not in Mexico. It was as if the Bellony-King family clan all agreed to come together at this time in 2012 and play out this major drama of which my mother had the leading role. Everybody made their cameo appearances and played their part and it ultimately brought our family much closer together. There were many ups and downs and rising and falling action like in any drama, but by the time I left to go back to Mexico on Oct. 28th, things had stabilized and now she is out of the hospital and getting much stronger.

It’s amazing the strength that I have gained from this experience. I thought my person would have been more broken down, but I just had to put everything that I have been preaching into practice and it worked. From dealing with the doctors, my brothers and family members to dealing with the fear from within, there were so many signs and syncroncities that I know the hand of G.O.D (as always) was in all of this. I got the greatest sign at the hospital that everything was going to be alright when I saw a brochure right outside the hospital room that said “The Daisy Nomination Award” (for best nurse). My mother’s name is Daisy and she is also a retired registered nurse! This was confirmation to me that she was playing a role of which she’s received best actress!

My Triumphant Testimony

There are three main testimonies that I have gained from these direct experiences:

1) Take Care of Yourself First. When I was growing up, I used to hear my mom say “When your neighbor’s house is on fire, wet your own” and this came in very handy. I had a dentist appointment for 11am and after finding out that the health center we first went to didn’t take emergency patients, I told by brother to drop me off at the dentist and that I would meet him at the hospital. Although he wanted to zip off to the hospital, I told him it would make more sense dropping me off first so that I don’t miss my appointment. I’m happy that I didn’t buckle to the emotional pressure, especially after finding out from my dentist just how severe my situation was. And also since I wouldn’t have had another opportunity to go to the dentist before going back to Mexico. After I got my situation taken care of, I was in a much better situation to play a major role in all what transpired afterward. It’s just like they tell us on the plane to put our mask on first before assisting another, no matter who it is. Our ability to make non emotional decisions in emergency situations is key to becoming a master.

2) We Grow and Experience the Most From Those Closest to Us. What if  Kaitlyn Keyt, owner of, is right? What if the reason we have incarnated here on Earth was to lower our vibration so we could experience going from All-Knowing Beings to All-Feeling Beings. What if we are not here to learn ANY “lessons” or assist ANY “other” at all. What if we came here, with a long checklist of experiences that we thought would be great to experience with a karmic, predetermined cast of characters in the drama called life and we gave ourselves a “life-line”(as in 2012) to experience them by? And what if  what was intended to be an evolution into creating even greater experiences can become a “dead-line”  if we choose to do so by believing ANY of this is actually real? What if the only real mystery regarding 2012 is that we can choose to “remember” to return to the space of the heart instead of staying stuck in the mind of separation? Hearing this clip of a Mayan scientist on YouTube about what will really happen on Dec. 21st helped to put things into perspective.

3) It’s Only a Movie. Following this reasoning of us all coming here to have experiences, what if the greatest experience of them all is LOVE. To know and experience love, then to (what our person’s would describe) lose love or be betrayed by it, then to finally be redeemed by the saving graces of love. This cycle of birth, death and rebirth in love is not only sweet (and sour), but it’s what makes not only the world go around, but all individuated consciousnesses to know themselves as part of the Trinity, as All G.O.D, through direct experience.

Calling All Change Agents

From an astrological perspective, the planet Saturn going into the sign of Scorpio on Oct. 5th and setting up camp there for roughly the next three year’s can be described by one line in a James Brown song, “You gotta pay the cost to be boss.”

There is a “changing of the guards” that is taking place, where the old leadership paradigm is crumbling and being replaced by another. However, the mental and emotional state of the new leaders  must be as solid as Fort Knox if our future generations are to ever stand a chance. 2012 has been about preparing our bodies, minds and spirits to be ready for a new frequency and what better symbol than Saturn in Scorpio to be the steward of the shift? Scorpio’s themes and dual nature says it all. Scorpio deals with issues of power, control, taboos, jealousy, sexuality, death and finally regeneration for self transformation-coming out of the ashes like a phoenix rising. Take all the themes of this sign and put it in the planet Saturn, the collective “bill collector”, then you have one interesting story! It’s time for us to surrender to the way we’ve been doing things so that we can be redeemed by learning the way of the heart. The current change agents and light beacons are the foundation of the new house that reality is being built on.  If we are more susceptible to the voices in our heads rather than the love in our hearts; then what future does humanity have?

According to Elyse Killoran of the Choosing Prosperity Game, some common characteristics of change agents, the lightworkers, rebels and visionaries, are that we have/are: 1) Sensitive 2) Independent 3) Empathic 4) Counterintuitive Thinkers 5) Hypersensitive to Judgement 6) Driven Toward Self-Actualization 7) Perceptive and Able to See Things Other’s Miss 8) Inspired by a Sense of Destiny 9) Driven by an Internal Sense of Morality 10) A Strong Sense of Justice

Some qualities we need to release are: 1) Comparing ourselves to others 2) Not trusting ourselves and being insecure        3) Holding back and playing small 4) Not knowing where we end and other people begin (i.e, Getting lost in other peoples thoughts and emotions) 5) Going it alone 6) Willingness to tolerate the injustice in the world, which shouldn’t be 7)Fear of our power and being a leader 8) Fear of causing harm by being ourselves (we can only create good for all concerned when speaking our truth).

So now that we’ve all been “put on call,” what will your contribution to the shift be? How will you offer your greatest gifts to the world that is emerging? In whatever you be, say and do, just remember that love of self makes it possible to truly love another unconditionally. It’s the place where all need for control, jealousy and power ends and there’s nothing more powerful and uplifting for all humanity than for you to be happily in love- with yourself.


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Ask Spirit

Preparing for my Earthday, what revelations and insights and everything nice can you share with me?

It’s your birth-day of peace. You have given birth to peace this day. It’s in your resolve and your heart. You have no-thing to fear, so love is there with you. You can surrender everything, so attachment has left you. What is left in it’s wake is the beautiful brand of peace that you have born. Peace is the first step in moving forward with guidance and light knowing all things fall in their proper place in time. Trusting divine timing is all that is needed for peace to be born. Your faith has set you free my child. Continue to stay in the light of peace because so many other “yourselves” benefit from this vibration.


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Ask Spirit

What beautiful words of inspiration you give to me. I am ever so gracious to have you in my life, guiding me. What words can you give my emotions and mind, water and air, so that they can honor each other and grow stronger together in cooperation.

I have nothing but love for you DeBorah. Love and silent compassion that gives birth to this love is what I have for you. Don’t you see your beauty? Your beauty is in the very concern you have for your mind and emotions coming together. This desire, this craving will lead them both to a place of equanimity. Intensity balanced with serenity leads to your crown being awakened and your love and compassion pouring forth with grace and style. How wonderful the time you live in. Release fear of others approval, fear of death and you are free. Just be in the moment and know that this is more than enough. What people think about you is none of  your business. Shine in the glory of your light for no other reason than to fulfill your destiny. You can not be judged by the standards of man. This is a new time so be grateful. Know that there is nothing you can do to “mess up.” You are harmonizing to divine frequencies and will heal yourself naturally. Just surrender to the process.

Give Thanks

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Ask Spirit

Today, I need to hear from you. The inner work of getting to the core is quite strong. I would love your guidance in this time of death and rebirth.

This period is not the ending and it’s not the beginning. You are embarking on a journey that has no beginning, middle, or end. It has been here since the beginning of time and will be here for all time, for it IS time, even though there is NO time. Release your struggle in the realization of this. Be in the moment and make it last for all eternity. You have it all without having to search for anything. The day of your destiny is upon you. There is nothing left to do but surrender.  Surrender to the cause of that which you came here to experience. My beloved daughter of the light, take magic flight, remembering you Holy connection to ALL THERE IS. Great Mother loves you. Imix is providing your every need and is very near. Just call out to Her and know you are protected.


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Shining Sistahs With Swords

This blog post is a salute to all my sistahs swinging swords. We’ve got ancient sistah goddesses Sekhmet and Shakti swinging the swords of love. We’ve got modern sistahs Assata Shakur and Sherry Peel Jackson swinging the swords of revolution. We’ve got old school rapper sistah Souljah and new school rapper SaRoc swinging the swords of rhymes.

Now these are some “Sirius” soul sistahs sharing their starseeded signature on the stage of life! Yet, our name doesn’t have to start with an “S” to be a sword carrying sistah on the scene, circling around our new sun. Silly or serious, secluded or sought out, sized big or small, I salute us all. Infused with the power of the solar feminine, we will be the game changers, the  “sistahs stewarding the shift” of this stifling system gone astray. As a soul spirit incarnated, it’s what we signed up for and our strength and love is needed at this stage and time.

I was inspired to write this salute in honor of the upcoming Dravidian -Aryan holy-day season of Durga Puja. This holiday celebrates the goddess Durga, who was fashioned from the trinity forming the pure energy of Godhood-Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.  As legend goes, she was infused with the power of the G.OD.s in order to conquer the all powerful demon Mahishasura who could only be defeated at the hands of a woman.

As Stevie Wonder’s song  says, “Love’s in need of love today.””  So don’t delay and  make sure to share your strength without selling out to some simple sounding scenario that lacks sincerity for security. While strength can come like a storm, the gentle strength of love can take many, many forms.  Stay steady and strong and know that it won’t be long.

Happy Durga Puja!

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What Does This Harvest Moon Bring?

Harvest Moon, Puerto Escondido, MX

On the blue moon of last month, I launched DeBellony’s Blog and on Sept. 3rd, this blog went public to serve as a fund raising platform to publish my first book: It’s All G.O.D: A Conscious Creator’s Guide to Healing the Effects of White Supremacy. Initially, I was going to launch a 31 Day campaign using Kickstarter; however, there were some setbacks with the  Amazon payments service they partner with. As a result, I decided to do my own campaign starting on the harvest moon of Sept. 29th.

Here Is Where I Need Your Help…

If you really like what you’ve read so far, then I’m asking you to do one or two things for one or two reasons.

One or Two Things
I’d like for you to make a donation and/ or send me a line to show your support that what I’m writing and sharing is something you think is needed at this time or whatever else is on your heart.

One or Two Reasons
I know that as a rule for every response a person gets on a blog,there are usually many more people who feel the same way but never take the time to respond. I know I have been guilty of this myself. So the first reason, I’d like to hear from you is to prove to me that I don’t have a creative project that “only a mother could love” (which by the way she is the only one to financially support me so far-thanks mom!;0). The second reason, is that if I know it means something to
more than just my mother, it gives me the motivation to keep moving on, financially as well as spiritually. And just remember, to the artistic soul, two words of support can go just as far as money.

In October, I’ll be sharing the actual book in the form of a private “blook.” For a minimum $5.oo donation, you’ll be able to offer constructive criticism and give feedback, as the chapters are coming “fresh off the press.”  Below is a partial list of the rewards depending on the level of your donation. For the full list you can go to the Contribute to Campaign page.


$5.00– Access to Private “Blook” & Name/Organization Mentioned on Blog
$8.00– Above & 7 Steps to Conscious Co-Creation 7 Week Audio Series
$13.00– Above & Final Copy of E-Book
$21.00– Above & Name/ Organization Mentioned in Focal Point New Moon E-Newsletter
$34.00– Above & Destiny Card Report ($25 value)
$55.00– Above & Copy of Printed Book (Date TBA)
$89.00– Above & Name/Organization Mentioned in the Completed E-Book
$144.00– Above &  “It’s All God” T-shirt w/ Logo (Date TBA))

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A Message to Myself

This message is to myself. I’m writing to that part of me that’s played the murderer, the messiah, the masochist, the messenger. The me that’s played the terrorist, the rapist, the racist. The one that’s been the rioter, the revolutionary, the prophet and the “devil incarnate.”

I’m writing this message for me. There is no one else I need to refer to because it’s all me. If I can truly see and address MYSELF, then I can address all else- the “other myself” with all my heart. Not only does this give me the “credentials” to do so, it gives me the needed empathy, insight and compassion to see myself reflected back in all there is.

Yet, as it stands right now- This Ain’t Happening!

So, I’m the healer and spiritual messenger that wants to help. But I’ve got to help myself by seeing myself in everyone else. Just think about it DeBorah. If you look around you in this healer’s role and all you see is sick and wounded people, what does that say about you? Am I sick? Am I wounded? Am I a jealous backbiting so and so that’s so easy for me to identify in the other? Could it be I’ve come here with a passion to help and care because I have been there or (more accurately) helped to put another “there” in a past life somewhere? Could it be that if I see others judge and blame, that I’ve done (or am doing) the same? In this life or another, to one degree or other, have I been backbiting and fire igniting?

So today, there is only me in this world. What I see back is a reflection of me. If it’s beautiful. It’s me. If it’s terrible, it’s all me!

And yet, at the same time, how can it all be G.O.D. as well? Maybe I’m just an actress in G.O.D.’s many movies, so that all of it and none of it is really me. G.O.D just needs me to bring the movies to life. But then why would G.O.D create a production with all this pain and suffering? Given that I’ve been given free will, I guess it’s the same as in life. The “drama” that goes on during and behind the scene of any production isn’t that of the writer, director or producer, yet it’s what happens when every actor has been given a mind of their own to express their creative talents. For the writer, director and producer, the risks are higher using a “real” cast of characters, yet the rewards are far more fulfilling. The Creator’s job it to coordinate the show and keep everyone in harmony, along with his “staff of angels” overseeing every aspect of the production. They are the ones behind the scene cueing the actors with their lines when they forget, hoping they’ll have total recall and regain their confidence and stage presence once again.

Would I ever think that when I go to the movies it’s being created while I watch it? No! Beginning, middle and ending, it’s all been carefully written and is being played out on a projector of light, caption by caption for my viewing pleasure.

This is a great analogy. G.O.D the father is the mastermind behind the whole production and G.O.D the mother (mamma matrix)  is the script in every actor’s hand that glues the whole thing together. Written by G.O.D the father and set into motion by G.O.D the mother, the “s/hero” or G.O.D the son, plays the role of the redeemer and/or destroyer of that which came before.

The reason why G.O.D loves and accepts each and every one of us is because G.O.D knows, we are not the role we are playing and have merely forgotten our lines in the agreement we made to be actors in the many movies of creation.

The reason why my person doesn’t love everybody is because it doesn’t know this. My person (that aspect of my essence Self that identifies with form and fear) has an intellectual knowledge of this union, but hasn’t made it an habitual direct experience. Vipassana meditators know this state as equanimity. It’s the emotional stability that comes from a balanced mind in situations of gain or loss and the serenity of knowing ones true self at all times, first through achieving intellectual knowledge and then through direct experience.

Since when did I get so caught up in my temporary suffering to ever doubt, that as I look out, I’m only seeing me? In the child abuser and the cocaine user, it’s still all me. It’s all G.O.D. It’s all fine. And yet, how do I stay in this place of the heart, when looks can be so damned deceiving? How do I live it, instead of just talk about it?

What if I imagined that everyone I want to reach and teach and help and assist were really assisting me? What if they were the ones making the sacrifice for my remembrance that none of this is real? What if the only thing to get is that I am it? All of it! What if I had no book that I had to write and no audience that had to hear my message? What if going inside myself and touching G.O.D was enough, without ever having to leave my front yard?

This is why today and always, everything I’m doing and writing and sharing is a message to myself. If I have the slightest idea that it can ever be done for the good of others rather than the joy of expression to “another myself,” then I have no business doing nada! If I have the slightest idea that “someone” owes me anything or that I owe “anyone” anything for my gift of expression, then I had better come again.

There isn’t anybody here but the One, expressed in the Trinity (Generator, Operator, Destroyer) coming out of the None. The Three, that is the One, that is the None. From nothingness came all of creation and back to nothingness do we all return. Until the next go round!

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Ask Spirit

I am thankful for all that you have taught me and helped me to remember. I am grateful for your love and guidance. You have told me time and time again, just what it is I need to “bee” and focus on. Anything else at this time to further me along?

In my mind, you are perfect. Just living at this time and being conscious of the contract that you came here to fulfill is sheer perfection. So, you may not remember all the details or how the scenes in the play all turn out. So what! That’s what makes it exciting and this great adventure worth having. Look around you! This is a special time. The things you know for sure far outweigh what you don’t quite know. You have sun, you have water, and you have friends that assist you to grow in many, many ways. You have powerful ancestors. You have a healthy body. You have love and you are loved by many. And just because at this time you may not know where or how you will get the money to do what you are destined to do, doesn’t mean you stop living. As a matter of fact, the more you live fully, the more it doesn’t matter how it comes about. Know that the award has already been won. The journey just entails making your way from the banquet table to receive your reward. So give thanks already.

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