Coming Full Circle Countdown

Kickstarting a 13 Yr. Dream in 9 Months

The 13 Yr. Dream

Let me start by saying there’s the Figurative 13 Year Dream and there’s the Literal Dream of Jan. 26, 2011. First, let’s cover the figurative dream and then we’ll delve into the literal dream.

THE FIGURATIVE DREAM- A Shero’s Journey Begins

“The dream is the journey, all that goes into the journey makes the dream worthwhile.”

~Author Unknown to Me

On Jan. 2, 1998, I had a revelation to write a memoir. I had just come off of my first 7 day silent retreat, following the advice of my good friend, actress BarbaraO, who does a silence retreat every year. I never heard of such a thing until then, but it just felt right in my soul, so I did it. Originally, I thought the title for my book was going to be Coming Full Circle: Acknowledging the Self, the Struggle, and the Saving Graces of Love.

There was a lot of things I still didn’t know. Little did I know how astrologically significant my book concept birthing date was and is. Little did I know that the title would morph into what it is today and yet still have a place for all the previous titles within in. Little did I know it would take me on what would be a 13 year journey- to the date! Little did I know that journey included moving from Atlanta, to Arizona, to California, to Pennsylvania, to St. Croix, Virgin Islands and then finally to Mexico. Little did I know it would involve decoding ancient occult knowledge and calendars. Little did I know that the key to meeting the “innerme” was to be transformed by unconditional love for the “enemy,” only to realize It’s All G.O.D. in the first place. And little did I know that Self-Love is THE hardest, yet only pathway leading to the  gates of heaven.

This blog is dedicated to the funding and  process of writing  my first book: It’s All G.O.D: A Conscious Creator’s Guide to Healing the Effects of White Supremacy. Through my posts, I’ll be sharing more of the history, goals, as well as my creative process in contemplating and completing the book.  Initially, I was going to launch a 31 day campaign using Kickstarter; however, there were some setbacks with the  Amazon payments service they partner with. As a result, I decided to do my own campaign that started on the harvest moon of Sept. 29th.

THE LITERAL DREAM- Ophiuchus Returns

“Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.”
~Marsha Norman

On Jan. 13th 2011, The LA Times published an article announcing the “new 13th zodiac sign” Ophiuchus that began a big astrological buzz. In truth, ancient astrologers have known about this constellation for centuries, and what I now know is that the date and timing this went public had more to do with setting the stage for the “2012” era that we are now in the midst of.  The Sun is said to be in the sign of Ophiuchus from November 29 to December 17, when the constellation is visible on the horizon between Scorpio and Sagittarius. This leads me to my dream. But first, let me share two significant events that happened prior to or around the time of my dream on Jan. 26th, 2011.

Event #1: The day before the dream, I had just found out about the new sign Ophiuchus and more specifically, I came to know that it was “my new sign.” Ophiuchus (also known as the Serpent Holder) is supposedly based on the actual person, Imhotep, who lived in Ancient Egypt. Some of the sign’s personality traits include dealing with jealousy or being the target of jealousy, success with and in an authority role, an affinity for occult knowledge and a capacity to understand and uncover hidden knowledge. Because of this, they are frequently misunderstood, yet they have the empathic capacity to heal. Children’s book writer Kristin O’Donnell Tubb says it best in a passage from her forthcoming book The 13th Sign.

Ophiuchus, the snake. Ophiuchus, thou art overlooked. Thou hast a hunger, then, that thou strive to fill with knowledge, and thy seek the truth above all. Because of this, thou art a favorite among authority figures. However, know that with hunger comes jealousy; the jealousy of the hungered cannot be matched. Too, this black blood masks a vicious secretive streak, so that thou art wildly misinterpreted. Because of this, thou lack trust and commitment. And yet, thy friends art thy lifeline; thou define thine own identity through the lens of others. Should thou overcome thy crippling anger, thy healer’s hands have the power to revive lost souls.

Event #2: I began doing EFT during a free online Tapping World Summit and that began the natural over night process of releasing past fear around shining my light and writing my book.

So now, about the dream. I am going to share a passage straight from my journal:

January 26th:

Wow! Such a vivid and interesting dream. The strangeness all started last night, after reading that article about the 13th sign between Scorpio and Sagittarius and then I realized that I am that sign. It represents stepping on the scorpion and raising the snake of awareness above head. This is the power that is happening on the planet and I guess within me. The dream was about a scorpion that I was afraid of, but was put away in a bottle. I don’t know who it was that let that thing out, but it was ready for business and it looked like it was after me. There was a horse there trying to do battle with it, almost like a dance, until finally it lost and it was reported back to me that the horse lay dead (maybe that is my solo Sagittarius nature?). When this happened, I realized that I was deadly afraid of this scorpion and I had no one to protect me and it was coming after me.

Then, I realized I could lucid dream and I started saying, “Wow! Look at all this fear I have of scorpions. Is it my power, my sexual nature, that I am so scared of? Is this what hanging with the cats and the 13th sign is showing me? Is it time to acknowledge all my fear, to write and get the message out without being so worried about what others think? Maybe all the sungazing is helping with this.”  Then BOOM! In comes this ugly creature looking like Freddy Krueger all up in my face trying to scare me. At first, I WAS. Then for some reason, I made the hissing sound of a snake and it returned again, and I was scared again, but not as scared. It told me to watch my back and energetically bit me hard on the right side of my neck! That sucked my energy and woke me right up. Wow! So, I started hissing again, but nothing returned now that I was awoke and then I started thinking about the warning, but thought it better to focus on love and being present. Hooray! A landmark has been reached. I can feel it. It’s like the dream gave me perspective on my fear and broke a long-standing spell or fearfulness around speaking my truth.


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