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Ask Spirit

on November 19, 2012

What beautiful words of inspiration you give to me. I am ever so gracious to have you in my life, guiding me. What words can you give my emotions and mind, water and air, so that they can honor each other and grow stronger together in cooperation.

I have nothing but love for you DeBorah. Love and silent compassion that gives birth to this love is what I have for you. Don’t you see your beauty? Your beauty is in the very concern you have for your mind and emotions coming together. This desire, this craving will lead them both to a place of equanimity. Intensity balanced with serenity leads to your crown being awakened and your love and compassion pouring forth with grace and style. How wonderful the time you live in. Release fear of others approval, fear of death and you are free. Just be in the moment and know that this is more than enough. What people think about you is none of  your business. Shine in the glory of your light for no other reason than to fulfill your destiny. You can not be judged by the standards of man. This is a new time so be grateful. Know that there is nothing you can do to “mess up.” You are harmonizing to divine frequencies and will heal yourself naturally. Just surrender to the process.

Give Thanks


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