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Kickstarting a 13 Yr. Dream in 9 Months

The 9 Month Countdown

TIME IS TICKING: 9 Month Countdown: May 20th- Feb. 20th 2013

Me, High School B-Ball Coach Mike, and SharondaThe nine month countdown covers the period from the solar eclipse of May 20th to the other “2012.” That being the 20th day of the 12th month (I consider February not December as the 12th month of the year). February 20th also holds another special significance. It’s the birthday of my best friend and best supporter, Sharonda. We’ve been friends since the 9th grade, and being a natural psychic, she always told me I’d write a book, even as a teenager. She used to say, “There are two things that I’m sure of in this life. One, is that I came here the way I did to work out past life karma and two is that you’re gonna make it Bellony.” Being such a strong source of support and inspiration, I find it befitting to end this whole process on her Earthday.

Now you’ve gotta know, I’ve learned to let things flow from my same best friend and not be attached to the outcome. Born with severe birth deformities, leaving her with only one leg, she told me once “I’m not attached to anything. I’m not even attached to my wooden leg and I should be attached to that!” After falling over with laughter, I realized, if Sharonda can do it with all the cards stacked against her, then why not me? Below is a “tentative” schedule for the countdown process. And you can always view the Countdown Clock on the sidebar to see what’s coming up next.

May 20th- Kicked-off of Private Blog

– Begin posting “Ask Spirit” posts every Monday

Sept. 3rd- Kicked-off of Public Blog

– Continued posting “Ask Spirit” posts on Mondays

– Began posting  “Book Development” posts on Saturdays

Sept. 29th:  Kickstarted Fundraising Campaign w/out “Kickstarter” (Will Be On-going)

Nov 26th:  Began Posting to Private Blook for It’s All G.O.D  (Will Be On-going until Completed)

Dec. 5th: Last Weekly Post to This Site (All New Creative Post are on DeBellony Blog)

Jan. 29th: Decided to Publish an E-Book Manifesto for Feb.20 (See Blog Post)

Feb. 20: Publish Free E-Book: Afraid of Our Own Shadow: A Manifesto & Guide for Conscious Co-Creation

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