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Kickstarting a 13 Yr. Dream in 9 Months

I’ve Got Some Nerve!-ous Tension

Greetings Everyone!

Thanks for coming to my blog. Here is where I’ll be sharing and documenting my dream of Kickstarting a 13 Year Dream in 9 Months….

Oh, Oh! Hold on a minute. Here comes that voice in my person’s head again that keeps saying:

Girl, you’ve got some nerve thinking you can write a book!  And you said it’s about what? White supremacy, race and gender relations, new age, occult concepts about religion and G.O.D? Girl, you must be craaaazy if you think this is gonna fly! Barking up this tree, you ain’t gonna live to see it get printed.

Okay, okay, thanks for sharing your opinion, but I’ve got a job to do, so if you’d just kindly step to the side and let me handle my business.

As you can see, “my person” (the aspect of Essence Self identified with form & fear) has a lot of nervous tension around writing this book. Yet, after listening to Lisa Nichols on Christine Kloser’s Transformational Author Teleseminar, I was inspired. She made me think and feel how much the nervousness was there, but she also helped to reassure me that it’s totally fine. It’s okay and it’s human for “our persons” to be nervous, a bit frightened about all sorts of imaginary and some real things that we create for ourselves. None of this is a reason not to go ahead and just do it though. As a matter of fact, it’s a reason (or an avenue rather) for me to shed the “she-go” of all the personal concerns around how others will take what I am saying, as well as the need for approval and the need to impress that goes along with it. On the menu pages, you’ll learn all about me (the dreamer), the history of this 13 year dream and the 9 month countdown schedule to make it happen. Again, thanks for joining me on this juicy journey of self discovery. Peace.

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