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Book Excerpt:
It took me awhile to figure it out, but I am a spiritual warrior and a “Sirius” one at that. Ruthlessly committed to my G.O.D, I’ve come here to slay, first within myself, all things perceived as not of The All. Just like an Artemis returned, full of contradictions, I realize that the devil is in the details, but G.O.D. is in the paradox. And what is G.O.D? More than being “All Good” in a polarized way, G.O.D. is the Generator, Operator and Destroyer of all things. Depending on where we are in our perception, awareness or consciousness, we see this as All Good or All Bad, when really It’s All There Is- It’s All G.O.D.

What This Book Hopes to Achieve:

 For the Writer
I’m writing this book to serve as my own healing and joyful journey. I hope it serves as a guide to inspire those on the path who are where I was and who are where I’m going. I feel it’s the ultimate gift I can give my Earth family. It’s my highest experience and expression of LOVE. This heals me in the writing and hopefully inspires and enlightens you in the reading.

For the Reader
I hope this book opens you to a new perspective, a new paradigm, and a new way of looking at the world. I hope it assists you to get past the spiritual and emotional blockages of anger, shame, denial, blame and guilt that the victim and the shadow mentality creates so you can see what else is possible.

For the World
I hope this book contributes to a new dialog that helps to shift the current paradigm on how we see the Earth and her inhabitants and brings us closer together by looking at our shadow side. This book wants to assist in creating a world where people take responsibility for their actions and are actually able to do so because of having a higher understanding of how everything is interconnected and especially connected to G.O.D

Overall Fundraising Goal $13,000:
This financial goal is a general estimate of the cost involved in publishing the book. It probably can be done for way less, especially with the advancements in technology; however, factored into this amount is the cost for a much needed upgrade in technology, as well as support, subscription, and consulting services to develop and maintain a writer’s platform among other book related things.

Phase 1: $3,000 Pre-Publishing (Cover Design, Formatting, etc.)

Phase 2: $3,000 Publishing (Editing, Reviews, Support Services, etc)

Phase 3: $3,000 Pre-Promotion (Gifts, Give-aways, T-shirts, etc.)

Phase 4: $4,000 Promotional Expenses (Advertising, Travel Expenses, Book Printing, etc.)

Fundraising Campaign

When this blog went public on Sept. 3rd,  it was initially created to serve as a platform to launch a campaign using Kickstarter; however, there were some setbacks with the  Amazon payments service they partner with. The good news is now that the campaign will be on-going instead of just 31 days, I won’t have the added pressure of Kickstarter’s “all or nothing” terms.

In October, I’ll be sharing the actual book in the form of a private “blook.” For a minimum $5.oo donation, you’ll be able to offer constructive criticism and give feedback, as the chapters are coming  “fresh off the press.”  Below is a list of the 13 donation reward levels.


$5.00– Access to Private “Blook” & Name/Organization Mentioned on Blog
$8.00– Above & 7 Steps to Conscious Co-Creation 7 Week Audio Series
$13.00– Above & Final Copy of E-Book
$21.00– Above & Name/ Organization Mentioned in Focal Point New Moon E-Newsletter
$34.00– Above & Destiny Card Report ($25 value)
$55.00– Above & Copy of Printed Book (Date TBA)
$89.00– Above & Name/Organization Mentioned in the Completed E-Book
$144.00– Above &  “It’s All God” T-shirt w/ Logo (Date TBA)
$233.00– Above & 60 Minute Astrological Consultation
$377.00– Above & 90 Minute Astrological Consultation
$610.00– Above & Clubs Plan: 4 Coaching Sessions Package (For you or someone else)
$987.00– Above & Diamonds Plan: 6 Coaching Sessions Package (For you or someone else)
$1,597.00– Above & Spades Plan: 8 Coaching Sessions Package (For you or someone else)


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