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DeBorah Bellony is the founder of Who I Am Enterprises and  Positive Options Coaching and she has a deep desire to motivate herself and other magnetic, melanin aware light beacons to become better conscious co-creators while removing race, gender and generational obstacles on the path to planetary oneness. Her greatest wounds involving racism, sexism and ageism have over time transformed into her greatest gifts, allowing her to delve deep into the unknown to find the truth behind the veil of illusion. DeBorah says, “It doesn’t matter if we are Black or White, female or male, young or old, when we honor the feminine and melanin within us, we help bring ourselves and the planet into balance and wholeness, which is so needed at this time of planetary evolution.”

Her life’s journey has taken her on a path of “literal” virginity up to age 32 and “figurative” virginity (meaning a woman one within herself) at her current age of 42.

She believes our relationships are our spiritual curriculum and teach us how much we love ourselves. DeBorah says, “We all have an inner family which includes our inner child, nurturer, warrior, sage, etc. Until these aspects are brought into a healthy balance within, long lasting intimate relationships become more difficult to achieve.”

DeBorah is the author of two forthcoming books entitled It’s All God: A Conscious Creator’s Guide to Healing the Effects of White Supremacy and Conversations With a Virgin: On Race, Gender and Generations

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